FREE PATTERN #11 - Knitlist Lacy Round Dishcloth

Many of us found the Knitlist when we were first exploring the internet.  Started by Jill McAllister in 1994 at the University of Minnesota, this bulletin board and listserve newsletter opened a whole new world for beginning and intermediate knitters.

We suddenly had access to patterns, techniques, yarns, instruction, and encouragement right on our home computers. We made our tiny blue lapel pins and found "knitting groups" posted from the List, long before the era of meet-ups.  And we've been knitting these round dishrags ever since. The design has traveled the world and been made with every kind of yarn, needle size, and stitch count.  It's still fun to create, lovely as a gift, and useful for dishwashing, too.  Now you can knit it with just one ounce of cotton yarn.   Enjoy.

A One-Ounce Dishcoth

Size:  approx. 8.5 in. across
Needles:  U.S. Size 6  (4 mm)
Yarn:  1 oz. utility cotton, 44-46yds.
          (done here in Peaches & Creme, Bright Blue)
Gauge:  approx. 16 sts = 4 in.

Stitch definition:   Sl1p = slip one stitch purlwise  (Video)

The shaping is done with short rows:  leaving sts on the left needle, turning, then continuing in the opposite direction.  If this is a new technique for you, simply count the sts and watch how each section is magically shaped.

CO 15 sts loosely.

Row 1:     K3, yo, K11, turn.
Row 2:     Sl1p, K14.
Row 3-6:  Rep rows 1 & 2, twice.
Row 7:     BO3, K2, yo, K8, turn.
Row 8:     Sl1p, K11.
Row 9:     K3, yo, K8, turn.
Row 10:   Rep row 8.
Row 11:   Rep row 9.
Row 12:   Rep row 8.
Row 13:   BO3, K2, yo, K5, turn.
Row 14:   Sl1p, K8.
Row 15:   K3, yo, K5, turn.
Row 16:   Rep row 14.
Row 17:   Rep row 15.
Row 18:   Rep row 14.
Row 19:   BO3, K to end, including all slipped sts.
Row 20:   K15.

Repeat rows 1-20, six times—seven sections in all.
BO all sts loosely.
Using tail end, sew the CO row to the BO row, sew around the center sts and pull to close.
Weave in both ends.

adapted from a post on the "Knitlist" bulletin board, 1995  
   Our sincere apologies for not knowing the original designer.

As with other dishcloth patterns, you may need to adjust your needle size to accommodate your knitting tension and still use only one ounce of yarn.

Peaches & Creme, Seaside Stripes